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Virtuoso Neomedia is an independent multimedia production house and consultation company from the brightest future; we're here to bring back color, cool, and fun for everyone!


Early History

Although not established officially until 2017, the initial team roster has been working together on various releases since 2014. Founder and creative lead Ethan Redd had previously released "8Bit Ninjas" for Ouya in 2012, a gap-year learning project before leaving to study at New York University. After becoming fast friends with Steven Lukens, Virtuso's audio lead, Ethan left NYU after his freshman year and began focusing on his own solo projects in late 2014. The two first joined forces to create "FATAL FLIGHT" in early 2015, with Harry Patterson joining on for foley and audio production. The procedural piloting arcade game was released on Newgrounds.com, where it was nominated for game of the month, and subsequently sponsored by Y8.com. It was met with a very warm response, garnering over 100,000 plays and remaining at a 92% positive rating. Later that year, they went on to create Rad Road Rally, an ode to Micromachines style racers & '90s kitsch aesthetics, and a first foray into slightly larger scale development.


In a departure from the upbeat and fast-paced nature of their first releases, the team released "NE_01" in April of 2016, a gentle first person exploration adventure about a stranded robot finding his way home. NE_01 went on to be included in itch.io's "A Good Bundle", which raised over $150,000 for Planned Parenthood and ACLU. From then onwards, Ethan began to take on art direction and 3D design clientele, with work being featured in numerous independent games such as Monarch Black, Yucatan, and Black Ice, designing and implementing visuals for Dyro's official "SURROUNDED" music video, and creating a scene for Dirt Empire's dome video displayed at Panorama NYC 2016. In October 2017, SKYBRIDGE (Steve and Harry's music duo act)released their first EP, "PARENT SPECIES", Virtuoso's first non-game release. The team is currently working on multiple unnannounced games and audiovisual projects, as well as "Blazing Legion: Ignition", a character-driven, introspective, tactical first-person shooter about 7-story tall mecha and consequence.



Blazing Legion: Ignition Reveal [2017] YouTube

NE_01 Release Trailer [2016] YouTube

Rad Road Rally Release Trailer [2015] YouTube



There are far more images available for Virtuoso Neomedia Enterprises, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!


Selected Articles

  • "...we hope that [Virtuoso's work] becomes the standard [for] a whole new aesthetic movement."
    - Alejandro Pro, Pressover News
  • "Capturing arcade sensibilities can be tricky, but Redd has it nailed down. "
    - Heather Alexandra, Kotaku

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